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Michelin Guide

We’re proud to say that nine of our fantastic eateries throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are featured in the Michelin Guide.

From the heart of the city and further afield to Ballater, some of our best local restaurants populate the Michelin Guide map. Eateries making the guide can be found on harbour fronts, within surroundings of stunning countryside or located in ancient quarters creating unrivalled settings for your dining experience.

Our Michelin Guide restaurants champion locally sourced ingredients from natures larder and bring diners hand crafted menus that reflect passion and innovation. Here you’ll find a culinary showcase of diversity, featuring formal and casual dining experiences with menus including local tastes from the fields of Aberdeenshire, seafood from the North Sea.

Behind the menus are talented and award-winning chefs with a passion for gastronomy who work to tantalise taste buds, creating experiences to remember.

No matter where you stay in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire a Michelin worthy establishment is never too far away.

Michelin Guide


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