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277 			$town = $schedule->Place()->Town;
278 			if($this->UpComingPerformances()){
279 				$nextPerformance = $this->UpComingPerformances()->first();
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283 				$date = 'on ' . $nextPerformance->dbObject('DateTime')->Nice();
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285 			return sprintf('Event information about "%s" happening in %s %s. Find out more and book tickets!',
286 				$this->Title,
287 				$town,
288 				$date);


Aberdeen Jazz Festival

Aberdeen Jazz Festival

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This event has now passed. Visit our what's on calendar to view our current events.

A host of musicians and performers descend on the Granite City for a few days of jazz and blues, with everything from jamming and workshops, to chilled out gigs on the green and late night sessions.

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